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ForegolfTM Knickers
with smooth exclusive
"Hang Perfect"
over the knee styling!
ForegolfTM Knickers
Custom Tailor Made
for that perfect fit!
America's Premier  manufacturer & distributosr
Tailor Made Knickers, Slacks, Shorts. Skorts.
Be proud of what you wear as we want you to
always be
"Looking Good" TM
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How proper fitting knickers
should look please   
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6 piece complete Golf outfits.          
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LEGENDS OF GOLF - Piccolo Pazzo's Knickers Hall of Fame  
Harry Vardon (with
his trademark Pipe)
1870 - 1937
Payne Stewart
1957 - 1999
Walter Hagen
1892 - 1969
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The  proper  fit  is  key  to  "looking  good"  when
wearing  knickers. For how to order perfect fitting
knickers please
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Largest Selection, Choose your fabric. All fabrics
are not equal. Some wrinkle more than others,
some drape better than others. Fabrics for all
climate & temperature conditions.       
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Tailor quality wool knickers and slacks  The fabric
we use is the same quality wool as the finest tailors
Wools from tropical  summer weight to
winter weight tweeds. Go for it.
Wearing wool is
always a class act!
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Bobby Jones
1902 - 1971
Gene Sarazen
(Born Eugenio Saraceni)
1902 - 1999
Billy Burke    Bobby Jones   Water Hagen
Great Old Timers 1920's & 30's
Tommy Armour
"The Silver Scot"
1894 - 1968
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All Sports Socks, knee length, crew, quarter, roll,
for men and ladies colorful selection of socks for
all sports.
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ForeGolf knickers are not made like firms that
get their knickers from China and sell the same
length for heights from 5'9" to  6'1".    Our golf
knickers are custom tailor made with the length
that fits you exact. Same with Slacks and Shorts.
Custom Tailor Made Pro Knickers & Slacks
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New! 100 % Cotton Summer Series for Knickers,
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Military and Patriot patterns, please  
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Dri-Fit Hi-Tech Polos,
Short & Long Sleeves
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Custom Tailor Made
to Fit You Right!

Tailor Made Wools
A Broad Selection From
Tropical Weights
and others inbetween
including the now popular
Srtetch Wools
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